Sunday, December 07, 2008

Putvedev as Pinky and the Brain

Everything you always wanted to know about the Putin/Medvedev "tandem," but were afraid to ask.

This video clip uses the Russian lyrics for the "Pinky and the Brain" theme song (yes, Pinky and the Brain has aired on Russian television). I decided to add subtitles with a back-translation of the Russian lyrics, since they differ substantially from the original and present the duo in a rather more malevolent light than the far more benign English version.


Anonymous said...


Somehow I find the idea of "Putvedev" as a duo of malevolent escaped lab rats with a grudge against humanity and intent on taking over the world...oddly convincing. :D (And Medvedev as Pinky--now that's just smart casting. :D ) Thanks for posting this, Cathy!

Anonymous said...

Cathy: That's too funny. I can actually see the two them as Pinky and the Brain...

Jacky Goldberg said...

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