Monday, January 09, 2006

More on the new VAWA

My Boston Globe column on the new Violence Against Women act can be found here.

As you may notice, I take a somewhat more positive view of the new VAWA in the column than in my blogpost last week. This is because, on reflection, I think the new text in VAWA -- particularly the section directing the GAO to conduct a study evaluating not only the extent to which men as well as women are victims of family violence, but also the availability of services to them -- is more of an opportunity than I initially realized. If such a study is conducted fairly, and if its findings result in some action being taken, it could strike a serious blow against anti-male bias in the domestic violence "industry." Now, activists whose goal is gender equity in domestic violence policies should focus their efforts on ensuring that the study doesn't end up being a formality or a whitewash.


Y said...

Objectivity and rational examination of a gender based issue?

A tad high in your hopes there aren't you Cathy?

Anonymous said...

Dear Cath,

Here's the quote from your piece that resonated most with me:

"...women, who will never be truly equal unless they are held equally accountable for their actions..."

I'm a big believer in RRA:




As to your applause for the bill...

I hope you're right. I cringe whenever I read about government "studying" ANYTHING! Even under the best of circumstances with the best of motives there's going to be huge chunks of taxpayer money wasted because that's just the nature of government.

We'll see.