Friday, November 04, 2005

The Google search of the day

Like other people with blogs and websites, I'm occasionally tempted to check the site meter and see through what venues people get here. In some cases, it's through Google or MSN searches for certain words.

My site meter today turned up the most intriguing Google search yet:

"Does crystal meth eat away at your leg bones?"

I have so many questions.

Why did this yield a hit on The Y Files? I don't recall ever mentioning crystal meth. Or leg bones. I looked through the first five pages of results and did not find a Y Files listing.

Does crystal meth eat away at your leg bones?

And why did they want to know?


Cathy Young said...


Revenant said...

My guess is that a link to your site turned up on the same page as a discussion of drug issues (easy to see this happening on Hit&Run).

Dean said...

I sometimes wander through my referrers list looking at the bizarre things people are searching for. I'd say it's enlightening, but it isn't. It's generally endarkening, and sometimes it's just plain bent.

Cathy Young said...

endarkening! cool word.

Anonymous said...

It was this post

One of the commenters suggested that Coulter uses meth.

My personal favorite:
Kazakh Girls Nude

I probably just doubled your traffic. You can thank me later.

Cathy Young said...

Aha, Cory! Thanks for solving that mystery. And for the extra traffic. ;)

steve said...

I know these files have hidden somewhere in the web but now i find it very easily through powerful search engine.
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